Erie Engineering & Construction is built on the idea of helping project owners and leaders “sleep better at night” as they deal with the complex challenges of developing, planning, delivering, and then maintaining capital / construction projects.

We believe in Engineering with Heart - using our abilities to help project owners successfully achieve their goals and dreams, through open and collaborative methods, through which we are able to exponentially have a positive impact on our community.

Our measurement of success is consistently delivering projects on-time, on-budget, and of a high quality, which positively impact the world.

The company was founded by Katie D. Davis, PE, in her belief that these goals could be achieved through the bringing together of a driven, and innovative high-performance team with good-old Midwestern values and work ethic – and a bit of a “woman’s touch” that appeared to be missing in the industry.

About Katie D. Davis

Katie Davis, PE, is a mechanical engineering graduate of Cleveland State University and founder of Erie Engineering & Construction. Her career started directly designing and engineering mechanical systems and equipment for plants and facilities in the industrial, chemical, and process industries. She also designed and engineered high-pressure vessels and reactors for the specialty chemical industry.

As her skills and capabilities grew, she noticed a gap in capable project management resources in the industry, and a specific gap of women in project management and leadership positions in the industry. Through the support of mentors and coaches she was able to advance her skillsets into project and construction management, including project controls, estimating, safety and quality management, helping to lead design efforts or complete projects in the manufacturing, industrial, chemical, and governmental facilities and installation markets both domestically and internationally.

As her capabilities and reputation continued to advance, she noticed a similar gap in organizations that seemed to be committed to helping guide, teach, and advise project owners through their project, and that were willing to take ownership of projects, to stand by their work, and that were truly committed to project success for the owner. At that time she decided to found Erie Engineering & Construction, to bring together a driven and innovative high-performance team-based approach, using good old Midwestern values and work ethic - and a bit of a “woman’s touch”.  

In addition to her professional career, Katie has always considered it a key responsibility to give back to the community. With this commitment she helped start and run one of the largest engineering merit badge programs for the Boy Scouts in NE Ohio, founded a non-profit to help encourage young people to consider careers in the engineering profession, led the establishment and execution of a outreach program with the Cuyahoga County Public Library system for middle school students, served as a two-time elected member of her local school board, contributed and lead countless community projects, and has provided mentorship, guidance and support to multiple young women considering careers in the engineering & construction industry / profession.

To connect with Katie Davis, PE on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katiejunedavis/